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This open baluster measure is a rare, quart-size  example made in Pennsylvania and verified on the handle's thumbrest with the "CP" verification mark used by regulators of weights measures for the City and County of Philadelphia in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.   The same verification has been reported  similarly struck on 2 similar, but smaller baluster measures.  Also like those other CP examples, the handle of this quart is soldered on, not cast in place.  While documents show that several Philadelphia pewterers from Thomas Byles through William Will to John Palethorp made wine (or "liquor")  measures in addition to their straight-sided ale-capacity mugs, very few are extant today.  Only 2 or 3 marked American baluster examples are known, each stamped with the Lovebird mark atop their lids.  One of those is also sealed "CP." on its handle.   The inventory of William Willl (d.  1798) lists measures from the half-gallon down to the gill.  This unlidded quart--adorned with several sets of faint incised lines around the body--is in excellent condition. Same body dimensions as the Philadelphia measure--Wolf 337--but with an earlier, solid strap handle.  Height 6 3/4", base diameter 3 7/8"

Rare 18th-Century Philadelphia Quart Measure

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